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How to choose a haircut?

"Will any haircut work for me?" Let's look into it.
Which haircut suits you best depends on your face shape. So go to the mirror, decide which one you have and read on.
Avoid slicked back hair. Opt for voluminous mid-length haircuts.

Top haircuts for you:

  • Voyage.
  • Grange
  • Brittany

Anyway, even if you don't really understand something now, don't forget, the barber is good at it - and will always tell you what to choose.
Pear shape
A short haircut can draw unnecessary attention to the forehead, but long hair will look great.

Check out these:
  • Bob.
  • Karee
  • Brit.
Short haircuts with short hair on the sides and elongated top would suit you. You can also try lengthened hairstyles with bangs.

Remember these haircuts:

  • Quiff.
  • Brit.
  • Options with bangs that are side-swept or slicked back.
Triangular shape
Feel free to choose rounded shapes of haircuts. If you have dark hair, stubble and a beard can help smooth out a wide jaw.

Consider these haircuts:
  • Undercut.
  • Quiff
  • Faux hawk.
Square shape
The main thing is not to elongate your face, so avoid beards, don't make your hair too short and don't style it too voluminous at the top of your head.

Top haircuts for you:

  • Undercut.
  • British
  • Men's bob
  • Karee
Rectangular shape
In a haircut it is better to use sharp angles, will look good long hair on the top. Asymmetrical haircuts are also a good idea.

Your choice:

  • Quiff
  • Undercut
  • Canadian.
  • Kare.
Round shape
You're in luck - this shape is considered almost perfect. Just avoid too elongated hairstyles so your face doesn't look ridiculous.

And of course it's better to keep your hair back and not on your forehead so as not to make your face look too round.

Consider this:
  • Undercut.
  • Canadian.
  • Box or half-box haircuts.
Oval shape
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