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How to take care of gray hair?

Gray hair beautifies men. But if you still don't like it, we can help.
To begin with, it's not that scary. And it looks quite stylish and aesthetic. But still, if you don't want to put up with the appearance of gray hair, there's a solution!

No, don't rush out and buy your hair dye. There is a harmless, less drastic way.

It's a quick procedure that doesn't harm your hair (no ammonia in the colors), but it allows you to recreate the most natural shade.
Gray hair - talk about that scary word?
How does it work?
The surface layers of the hair are saturated with natural pigments without the use of any oxidants. The hair structure is not damaged, unlike the use of conventional dyes.

Important: camouflaging does not give a full coloring, but it significantly changes the tone, so that the gray hairs become invisible.

By the way, do you know where this gray hair comes from and why you (or not) have it when you are about 25?
In short, the pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin (melanin derivatives) give color to the hair. It is the combination of these pigments that allows us to have jet-black hair or light blond hair.

In general, hair color is determined by heredity, and the appearance of gray hair is connected with age-related hormonal changes. They lead to a decrease in the concentration of melanin in the hair and, consequently, to gray hair.

If your beard is badly affected by gray hair, we will quickly reanimate it.
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