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Whats the right way to shave?

It would seem that you perform this action almost every day. But are you sure you're doing it right?
Let's find out how to shave properly
How to choose a tool?
What's the right way to shave?
If the hairs are soft and sparse - get a disposable machine (effective in this case and inexpensive).

If your bristles are stiff, choose a machine with several blades and moisturizing strips (this will speed up and simplify the process without traumatizing the skin).
Important recommendations
  • First your cheeks, then your chin and mustache, and then your neck.
  • Take your time so you don't miss the badly visible part and cut yourself.
  • Don't press on the razor - it won't get better (modern razors are made specially for the relief of the face). So if it doesn't shave, don't shave, buy a new one.
  • Don't run your razor over the same area multiple times-it only irritates the skin more, not achieving perfect smoothness.
  • Rinse your blades thoroughly-it'll improve your shave and not ruin your blades (wash them under cold water).
  • Tighten your skin in hard-to-reach areas (neck and Adam's apple, hello!).
  • After shaving, don't forget to apply lotion - to soothe your skin.
The most important rule that many people neglect is to shave in the direction of hair growth.

Shaving against hair growth will bring you pimples, redness and itching.

Ideally, you shouldn't apply shaving foam right away. But first steam your skin - by taking a hot shower, for example *the pores will open and make the procedure safer).
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