ESPRESSIONE CREAM AFTER SHAVE is a legendary daily moisturizing and nourishing aftershave cream. Its special formula softens and soothes, gives the skin softness, elasticity and a feeling of freshness.

Description: ESPRESSIONECREAMAFTERSHAVE is created on the basis of delicate ingredients of natural origin so that quickly provides soothing and regeneration of the skin after shaving or any irritation of the face and head.

The active ingredients of the soothing product are allantoin, which has wound-healing properties and eliminates irritation. The next best-selling active ingredient is panthenol, which deeply moisturizes and helps regenerate skin cells, bisabolol softens the skin and gives it a healthy and bright shine. And thanks to the biological extract of witch hazel, ESPRESSIONE CREAM AFTERSHAVE soothes, tones and reduces the skin itching or irritation.

The scent of the shaving cream is fresh and unobtrusive, based on menthol, will give a feeling of freshness and energize.

Purpose: We recommend using this aftershave cream immediately after cleansing your skin of shaving products. Aftershave-cream is an ideal helper in the regeneration of the upper layers of the skin, quickly absorbed into the skin and provides wow-effect: saturates the skin cells with moisture, accelerates the healing process of the blade cuts and reduces inflammation of the defects of the upper layers of the epithelium.

How to use: after shaving or washing your face with a towel, apply the cream to dry skin and massage it lightly. After application, the skin will be as moist and damp as possible, so wait until the product is fully absorbed into the skin cells (2-3 minutes).


Main ingredients: allantoin, panthenol, bisabolol, biological extract of witch hazel, menthol

Volume: 200 ml

Weight: 200 g