This product is unique in its functionality.
For all types of hairstyles that require moving styling during the day.
Matte effect.
Good for all hair types, the range of haircuts from modern to classic; a super versatile product, especially for those who need to accelerate hair growth.
Its main ingredient is hop extract;
Hop cone extract, the basis of this product, has long been famous for its miraculous effects on the hair. Healing properties of the plant are due to its rich chemical composition. It contains vitamins: B1, C, E, K, choline, essential oils, phytoncides, tannins, wax. Hops is a source of organic acids: acetic, formic and butyric acids.

Also hops has a wide range of action:
revitalizes the hair;
accelerates growth;
Strengthens, fights against hair loss;
Gives a silky feeling;
reduces greasiness;
Helps with seborrhea, dandruff;
Effective with psoriasis and fungal infections.

Method of use:
Spread the wax on your fingers, apply to damp or
The hair can be styled and shaped just like you want it to be.

Effect: Matte
Retention: Medium to strong
Scent: Coffee and Honey
Foundation: Water based
Size: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g