SAPONEDABARBA 600 ml is a quality shaving cream with delicate components: menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil.

Description: the product contains active refreshing ingredients that help make shaving easy for the craftsman and pleasant for the client. When using it you will experience a new level of flawless shaving with Luxina. After the process, your skin will be soft, moisturized and even without minimal irritation.
The active ingredients of the product are:
Menthol - a great stimulant, energizing and refreshing.
Camphor - a strong antibacterial agent that not only allows you to clear the skin of acne, but is also considered one of the best fighters against oily skin on the face.

A special element is eucalyptus oil, which has strong bactericidal, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. The oil formula used in the basis of the cream soap prevents the reproduction of bacteria, promotes the growth of new tissue and rapid regeneration. In addition, the product is an excellent antispasmodic and antipyretic analgesic (this is an important component during your mechanical work with a sharp blade).

Purpose: The wet shave product is designed for use in specialized barbershops, salons and barbershops. But the big advantage for your convenience is the ability to use at home, because the feature is the realization of SAPONEDABARBA cream soap in two sizes 150 ml and 600 ml.

How to use: Apply the product to damp skin and massage it onto the shaving area.You can also do it as follows: Using a shaving bowl, whisk the cream soap and apply it to your skin.
The product is strong in concentration and rubs very well, (a moderate amount of product is sufficient for a lush lather) so start by applying a small amount. After shaving and treating the skin with a cold compress, use an aftershave, which you can choose from the list of our cosmetics on the website below.

Main constituents: Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil.
Volume: 600 ml

Weight: 600 g