CREMA PRE / POST RASATURA is a professional care product for moisturizing and soothing the skin before and after shaving from Luxina brand of luxury Italian cosmetics.

Description: means for comfortable skin care during shaving procedure and the result of qualitative and carefully selected ingredients by technologists in the factory EDELSTEIN in Milan. Presteeling is made on a natural base, with menthol (which tones and soothes the skin after use with the blade on the face), camphor (when applied to the skin, it stimulates sensitive receptors, due to which the trophicity of subordinate tissues and has an analgesic effect) and eucalyptus oil, which in turn serves as an excellent, regenerating and deodorizing agent that helps purify, whiten and improve skin condition as well as to prevent hair loss.

Purpose: This product is specially formulated to protect your skin before a classic shave. It is the perfect stubble product formulated with refreshing and soothing ingredients to make your daily shaving a pleasure that gives you a unique sensation.

How to use: Moisten your face with warm water. Apply the pre-shave on the shaving areas before you use the shaving product. After applying the shaving cosmetic, go through the process and wash your face. We recommend using the product as an after shave balm: apply to the skin and massage into the face. Freshness, lightness and a pleasant herbal fragrance will accompany you throughout the day + your skin will be protected from bacteria, skin infections and irritations.

Main ingredients: Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil
Scent: Eucalyptus
Base: Aqueous
Size: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g