PURIFYMASK is an effective and maximum quality scalp treatment containing effective ingredients such as: white clay and volcanic pearlite microspheres, the result of which is the removal of excessive dandruff, sebum and styling residues from the skin and hair.

Description - The scrub mask is made in the EDELSTEIN factory in Milan from specially selected natural ingredients. First of all, the product acts as a cleanser, taking away keratinized skin, lemon and peppermint essential oils which you will feel immediately during application - perfectly toning, giving a feeling of freshness and softening hair.
The combination of quality purifying compounds with which this product is rich ensures gentle care for your scalp and gives your hair a pleasant fragrance and shine.

Purpose - For men with thick hair, we recommend Luxina scrub mask as a special care for problematic scalps (prevention of dandruff and fungal diseases). And another type of people who especially need to use this product is the owners of perfect baldness, thanks to PURIFY MASK scrub-mask you can soften and take away the flaky skin after shaving or after using shaver (ideal for cleansing and toning the shaved skin. head).

How to use - Apply to damp skin/hair, gently and thoroughly massage the scalp, then hold the product for 3-5 minutes on the skin and hair. Then rinse the scrub mask. After cleansing with the product you need to shampoo the hair, rinsing off the scrub residue with warm water.
Note: The scrub mask forms an ideal tandem with Luxina Purify Shampoo, which we recommend to wash away the scrub.
Do not use it more than twice a week.

Hair type: For all hair types
Main ingredients: White clay and volcanic pearlite microspheres
Volume: 250 ml

Weight: 250 g