It is an all-purpose product with a revitalizing and stimulating effect containing panthenol.

D-Pantenol ORO is a lotion with stimulating and revitalizing action that contains provitamin B5 (pantenol).

As we all know dexpanthenol is a provitamin B5, a derivative form and alcohol analogue of pantothenic acid. In the process of metabolism in the body dexpanthenol is oxidized to pantothenic acid, which has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, dermatoprotective effect. Once in the skin cells, dexpanthenol increases the number of fibroblasts, collagen, frequency of mitosis, thereby accelerating skin regeneration and promoting wound healing. Dexpanthenol also affects skin firmness and elasticity.


The main constituents: Panthenol

Hair type: For all hair types and any length.

Volume: 500ml

Weight: 500 g