ESPRESSIONE AFTERSHAVE is a special aftershave lotion for all skin types, with a noticeable fresh and softening effect.

The Italian manufacturer Luxina and its technologists worked out a special formula based on a high quality combination of cosmetic and medical ingredients to create the lotion with the best possible results. Thus, ESPRESSIONEAFTERSHAVE lotion containing active ingredients that moisturize and heal the skin, this is helped by the active ingredient bisabolol (a natural anti-inflammatory component), the next traditional component used by the technologists in the preparation of this product is allantoin, which prevents irritation on the skin.

ESPRESSIONEAFTERSHAVE is rich in fragrances: the soft, delicate scent of the spray will not mix with the fragrances of other perfumes and will give you a charge of vivacity and freshness. The important thing is that the fragrance of aftershave is gradually and imperceptibly absorbed into your skin within an hour.
Purpose - Use it to desensitize and decontaminate your skin after shaving with a razor blade or after using a shaver.
After using the product you will feel incredibly moisturized skin, comfort and freshness after shaving.
If you have a thick and bushy beard, use ESPRESSIONE AFTERSHAVE lotion as a skin toner in the neck and facial areas above the upper trim line.

How to use: Apply the lotion evenly to the face or neck after shaving, massaging and gently. You can also use a pump to conveniently and evenly spray over the entire surface of the desired area.

Main ingredients: Menthol, bisabolol - a natural anti-inflammatory component, allantoin that prevents irritation on the skin
Volume: 200 ml

Weight: 200 g