BEARD OIL is a delicate and truly nourishing product designed for quality beard care every day.

Description: the oil is designed for effective beard care both in the salon and at home, as well as for shaving the skin, which requires increased attention to problem areas (skin with moles, rashes, etc.). The beard oil from Luxina is sold in a compact jar with a dropper, which makes BEARD OIL as compact and easy to use as possible (both at home and as a travel companion).

An effective blend of oils - Vitamin E, apricot oil, jojoba oil - provides maximum hydration for your beard and facial skin. Even the toughest beard becomes supple and naturally shiny, while dry skin is actively moisturized, does not flake and is pleasantly scented.

Purpose: The product's active formula will saturate your beard with active ingredients, such as vitamin E, and moisturize your hair, give it a natural shine and reduce frizz. If your beard care problem is a stiff structure, Luxina Beard Oil is the perfect daily option.

Method of application - shaving:

The oil is concentrated and is slowly absorbed by the skin, ensuring a great shave until it is fully absorbed.

How to use - care:

Rub the product gently in the palms of your hands, massage it onto your beard and the skin under the hairline.

The beard oil is designed for use in specialized barbershops, salons and barbershops. But the big advantage for your convenience is the possibility to use at home as well, because the feature is the sale of the product in two volumes of 30 ml and 100 ml.


The main constituents: Vitamin E, apricot oil, jojoba oil.

Scent: Citrus notes.

Scent: Citrus scent.

Weight: 100 g