FORMA WAX POMADE is a water-based strong fixing pomade that is the result of the hard work of Italian technologists, thanks to which you get a product with excellent properties, both in terms of fixation and naturalness of the styling composition and fragrance.

Description - FORMAWAXPOMADE pomade is ideal for men who like stylized styles with strong hold and long-lasting wear. Today, pompadour style haircuts/styles are gaining any popularity, and this pomade is most suitable for use in modeling these hairstyles - it will keep the strength and given structure to the hair. And an additional feature of the pomade, is its base of active ginseng components (they provide elasticity and improve hair tone, saturate it with microelements, vitamins and fatty acids)

Purpose - the pomade is specially designed to achieve a modern look, guarantees a long lasting firm hold. Does not grease and leaves no residue on the hair. Allows you to remodel your hair during the day.

How to use - we recommend to use the paste as for styling on dry as well as on wet hair (when working with each - the finish will differ), for the desired wet result - apply a small amount of pomade on dry hair, but if you want matte finish - use styling. modeling the styling on wet hair.

Main ingredients: Ginseng Extract.
Foundations: Aqueous.
Styling: For all hair lengths and shapes that require strong, long-lasting hold
Hair type: For all hair types
Fixation: Strong and long lasting
Finish: Wet on dry hair, medium shine/wet hair, matte, no shine
Scent: Ginseng
Volume: 100ml

Weight: 100 g