BEARD OIL CANAPA is a beard oil from Italian brand Luxina, with a special ingredient - hemp seeds.

Description: unrealistically interesting and high-quality product of high quality and effectiveness of use. Ideal for your gentle beard care every day.

BEARD OIL CANAPA beard oil is based on natural oils carefully selected by Italian specialists: apricot oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil. The last one has very interesting properties.

A few interesting facts about cannabis (hemp oil), long claimed to have mega positive effects on skin health:

Hemp oil is absorbed very quickly and completely without leaving a greasy sheen.

It is sometimes even referred to as dry oil.

Prevents symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis and acne

organic origin

prevents the skin ageing process, thanks to cannabidiol's ability to improve the regeneration of basal cells; - good therapeutic effect

strengthens the capillary walls, has an anti-cuperosis effect on the skin

regenerating effect

Has an anti-inflammatory effect, allowing it to be used for various reddening of skin areas, rashes, peeling, small wounds, cuts and bites.

It helps to restore the protective barrier of the skin

Tends to retain moisture, so it is effective as a moisturizer

With regular use restores skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles.

An excellent regulator of sebaceous glands

Able to bind free radicals, preventing the skin from premature aging

Has a wide range of UV protection

Improves the structure of the hair shaft

Purpose: The active formula of the product will saturate your beard with active ingredients such as vitamin E and moisturize your hair, giving it a natural shine and reducing frizz. If your beard care problem is a stiff structure, Luxina Beard Oil is the perfect daily option.

Method of application - shaving:

The oil is concentrated and is slowly absorbed by the skin, ensuring a great shave until it is fully absorbed.

How to use - care:

Rub the product gently in the palms of your hands, massage it onto your beard and the skin under the hairline.

Beard oil is designed for use in specialized barbershops, salons and barbershops, but a great advantage for your convenience is the possibility to use at home as well, because the product is sold in two sizes of 30 ml and 100 ml.


The main constituents: Vitamin E, apricot oil, jojoba oil

Size: 30 ml

Weight: 30 g