PUMPUPTHEVOLUME is a special powder for fast action volume. It is a unique product from Italian brand Luxina, for hair styling, with which you can work, modeling a haircut on hair of any length and type of haircut.

Description - PUMPUPTHEVOLUME powder is the ideal solution when choosing a light textured styling product that allows you to create any style hairstyle with one product. You can easily improve the shape and structure of your style while keeping your hair soft and silky with this product. The product does not weigh down your hair and allows you to change your style at any time.

The great advantage of this powder is the special density of the powder itself, which does not weigh hair down, but rather adds the desired effective volume while leaving hair light, textured and supple in haircut modeling. Thanks to the above characteristics, Luxina powder can be easily combined with other styling products.

Destination - we recommend to use PUMPUPTHEVOLUME powder as a standalone styling product for modeling short haircuts or haircuts with thin hair of medium length, or as a pree-styling option for the desired volume in combination with other styling products. Another advantage of this styling is convenience - the product is in a jar with a dispenser, allowing maximum precision and accuracy to apply the product to the desired area of the head using a certain limit of powder at no extra cost.

How to use - apply it to dry hair with a sprayer, create the desired style and styling image. The big plus of Luxina powder is the great effect of its use - effortlessly and effortlessly you will create your perfect look, which will be fixed during the day.

Hair type: For all hair types
Main ingredients: Softeners, Moisturizers, PARABEN free
Finish: Matte
Scope: 60 ml

Weight: 60 g