LUXINASPRAY is a liquid hair styling cream spray from Luxina, a brand of luxury Italian cosmetics.

Description: a unique product to soften dry hair for easy combing and preparation for styling and use of different types of stylings.

Purpose: to give your hair a natural shine and protect it from the negative environmental effects. The big plus of this cream by Luxina is that it has a moisturizing effect and allows you to easily model your hairstyle (especially suitable for the creation of elongated haircuts).

Produced in Milan and subjected to a number of harmful tests, it is paraben and chemical free and therefore a favorite on the local market for connoisseurs of quality services and haircuts.

LUXINASPRAY strengthens the hair perfectly and at the same time cuts and creates a light and aesthetic effect.

How to use: Shake well before use. Next spray the spray on the hair at an approximate distance of 20 cm - for a better and more even spray. Next, wait a few seconds for the product to settle well on the hair - then comb and work with perfectly softened hair.


Finish: Dry hair - wet, medium shine/wet hair - matte, no shine

Hair type: For all hair types

Scent: Marine, fresh

Main ingredients: Softeners, Moisturizers, PARABEN-free

Volume: 400 ml

Weight: 400 g