BEARD SHAMPOO - Shampoo for owners of thick and lush beard on a plant basis enriched with aloe vera.

Description: The active ingredients of the shampoo are cleansing and caring components, among which the big favorite is

Aloe (the main feature of this rich in microelements component is the presence of extremely nourishing properties - a useful balm, which will give a natural shine to your beard, moisturize, soothe the skin and protect it from irritation)

Panthenol (holds water molecules on the skin and beard, thereby maintaining the necessary level of moisture and elasticity on irritated skin). Also Panthenol is a well-known agent that promotes healing of tissues and microcuts.

Orange and Peppermint Essential Oil. (Orange extract cleanses oily skin, eliminates acne, prevents dandruff, and softens the beard)

Peppermint extract in turn refreshes and cools the skin.

The main active ingredient is menthol. This substance has pronounced antiseptic and wound-healing properties. Because of this, peppermint extract is effective in the treatment of acne, and other skin diseases such as eczema and fungus.

Purpose: BEARD SHAMPOO is the best product for cleaning and care of your beard by the Italian brand Luxina. The great transferability of the product, is that with proper and precise use of the product - we guarantee you the excellent results expected from the product by everyone who wears a beard. For this excellent formula we have the technologists of EDELSTEIN to thank, who pay maximum attention to natural ingredients in the development of products for the care of your beard.Method of use: the product is specially made in a creamy form, for easy use, so moisten your beard with a little water, take the product in the palms of your hands to form foam and rub it thoroughly into the beard. Then gradually rinse out the rest of the shampoo from the beard, and voila - the freshness and feeling of a healthy clean and soft beard will be remembered for a long time.


Key ingredients: Securing resins, modeling wax

Base: Water based

Volume: 100ml

Scent: Orange and mint

Weight: 100 g