MATERIA WAX POMADE is the iconic hair styling pomade, with vibrant citrus fragrance from the famous Italian brand Luxina for a strong hold on your style.

Description - styler for hair modeling containing special features and differing from the previous modeling products of the hair care line by Luxina - active ingredients of the styler's formula, namely the extract of hop cones, which helps to accelerate hair growth at the cellular level. And also performs a number of the following functions:
Improves the health of the hair
Strengthens, fights hair loss
Brings shine/silkiness
Reduces oiliness
Helps with seborrhea/bloop
Works on psoriasis and fungal infections.
However, it should be noted that a long-lasting effect only occurs with regular use.
This natural product will give you a long-lasting hold throughout the day, besides being visibly refreshing and giving you a pleasant citrusy scent.

Purpose - MATERIAWAXPOMADE styling pomade gives you a strong hold on your hair, and if applied correctly on your haircut, it will maintain its volume. Effectively saturate and strengthen the hair.

How to use - we recommend to use the paste as for styling on dry as well as on wet hair (when working with each - the finish will be different), for the desired wet result - apply a small amount of pomade on dry hair, but if you want a matte finish, use styling modeling styling - on the wet.

Main ingredients: Ginseng/ hop cone extract
Base: Water based
Inlay: Valentino, side part, executive, aristocrat, playboy, city slicker, serviceman, in. Hop cone extract, as part of the product, helps to accelerate hair growth at the cellular level.
Hair type: For all hair types
Locks: Strong, long-lasting. Allows to remodel during the day.
Finish: Wet on dry hair, medium shine/wet hair, matte, no shine.
Scent: Citrus notes.
Volume: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g