MUSTACHE WAX POMADE is a hair fixing wax from Italian brand Luxina.

Description: it is a light and easy to use hair fixer with an unreal pleasant fresh lemon scent. The composition of the pomade goes well on the hair and reliably fixes the mustache shape you have modeled. This product is a universal helper in the set of care cosmetics of every gentleman or lover of puffy and differently shaped mustache.

The feature of this product is a good fixation, which means that the mustache shape that you created in the morning will surely last the whole day, and the natural effect and fresh citrus aroma will complement the pleasant experience of using the Italian product MUSTACHE WAX POMADE.

The creamy paste is easy to use and moisturizes hair with organic ingredients that give it a healthy and natural look.

MUSTACHE WAX POMADE has a white natural color, but when you rub the texture before application it becomes transparent and invisible on the mustache.

Purpose: With this product you can give your moustache any shape you want and even twist it.

How to use: Warm the cream well in your palms or fingers, you can also do it with a hair dryer, gently apply the right amount of product to the mustache with your fingers and create the desired shape.


Main ingredients: Securing resins, modeling wax

Waterproof: Strong locking power

Scent: Citrus notes.

Scope: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g