DAILYSHAMPOO is an effective shampoo for daily use by Luxina. It is a successful combination of cleansing ingredients, together with a blend of natural extracts for moisturized, strengthened hair and a healthy scalp.

Description - Shampoo for daily use. It contains: ginseng and bamboo, nourishing and revitalizing hair, giving a wonderful toning and reassuring sensation. Also the product perfectly copes with the negative effects of the external environment and will easily wash out any of your stylings. Your hair will feel mega pleasant after use, so male this product is perfect for use every day - which, is a priority option for well-groomed and beautiful hair.
The shampoo formula thoroughly cleanses hair of dirt, dandruff, also additionally softens, saturates and restores damaged hair.

DAILYSHAMPOO consists of the main active ingredients:
-Ginseng Extract, toning and energizing, has a great effect on the hair, stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles.
-Bamboo extract, containing large quantities of natural silicon, effectively combats age-related problems and loss of skin elasticity. The silicon content of the bamboo stem is over 70%, ensuring that the hair is enriched with antioxidants, minerals and antibacterial components.
-Panthenol, a well-known antiseptic that soothes irritated skin, maintains proper water and moisture levels.

Product benefits:
Prepares the hair for styling
Simply and effectively cleanses the head of dust and dirt, removes easily the remains of styling products.
Has a light pleasant scent of egg yolk.

Main ingredients: Ginseng extract, bamboo extract, panthenol
Hair type: For all hair types
Scope: 400 ml

Weight: 400 g