MODELING WAX POMADE is a styling cream from the iconic Italian brand Luxina, a modeling and practical styler for men's haircuts with a natural medium shine.

Description - MODELINGWAXPOMADE styling cream is specially formulated for those who want the most natural-looking style possible. The main traditional components of the cream are two popular components: bonding resin and modeling wax, thanks to which you can quickly and easily apply and thoroughly distribute the cream on the hair the length you want.

The important advantage of this styler is the ability to remodel the style during the day (by hand or comb), wetting the hair with a little water. You can completely change the shape of the style, while drying - the product will not lose its level of fixation.

During application and after styling with MODELING WAX POMADE you will experience a pleasant woody aroma combined with a light citrus flavor that will envelop your hair with a pleasant smell (formula for practical and wearable styling: light styling with a fresh scent).
Purpose - use the cream if the result of your styling should be light and airy hair structure. It is also recommended to use the product for thin hair of short or medium length, just then the finish of modeling will remain naturally loose, but with a well-defined shape.

How to use:
rub a small amount of the cream between your palms and start styling your hair.

Main ingredients: Securing resins, modeling wax
Basis: Water based
Keeps hair light but always has a defined shape
Hair type: For fine, medium-length hair
Fixation: Light.
Finish: Natural, medium shine
Scent: Warm woody scent mixed with citrus notes.
Scope: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g