VOLUMEGROOMING is a unique product that gives maximum volume to your hair.

Its purpose is a long lasting tonic that quickly and effortlessly allows you to obtain the desired volume and clarity of your haircut. The active ingredients of the grooming tonic are black and green tea: they have antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The formula of the tonic saturates hair with nutrients, nourishes, moisturizes and deeply restores, giving a healthy shine to your hair, which in turn reduces the risk of skin irritations and dandruff.

Description - Thanks to its high level of practicality, Luxina Premium Cosmetics' volume builder tonic is the perfect solution for easily modeling haircuts. Without difficulty you can use the grooming to work to reproduce complex and massive styles - as in long haircuts, or to create texture in short haircuts or haircuts with medium hair length. Note the style of the bottle shape itself (easy to use and cool design).

Apply to the palms of your hands, rub the product in your hands and apply to damp hair.
We recommend using a comb for even distribution, then style it with a hair dryer. The great advantage is that at any time you can wet your hair and change the shape of your hair. Creating volume has never been so easy and enjoyable, immerse yourself in the fun with Luxina. Grooming can also be used diluted with water in a sprayer as a substitute for hair fixation toner, which allows you to work without clips during haircuts.
The product can be used for all hair types.

Hair type: For all hair types
Main ingredients: Black and green tea.
Finish: Matte
Volume: 250 ml

Weight: 250 g