MATERIAVERDE WAX POMADE is a medium hold hair pomade. It is water-based, suitable for both dry and wet hair. Because of this - it is a priority choice among the products on the market of luxury cosmetics.

Description - Hair pomade MATERIAVERDE WAX POMADE has a water base and consists of ingredients of natural origin, namely aloe vera and high-tech resins - which allows you to hold the desired shape of the hair during the day and give the opportunity to remodel the hair.
More specifically, the main ingredient, aloe vera plant gel, is the ingredient that the technologists used in this pomade to restore hair health. ). This combination of ingredients restores damaged hair.
Useful elements will bring cut ends back to life and protect the scalp from infections that cause dandruff.

Purpose - The benefits of this styler are strong hair styling hold, while keeping hair flexible. The pomade is ideal if you travel and take care of your hair during the trip, as the styler is compact and has natural ingredients.
How to use - we recommend to use the paste both for styling on dry and wet hair (when working with each - the finish will be different), for the desired wet result - apply a small amount of pomade on dry hair, but if you want a matte finish, use the styler modeling styling - on the wet.

Key ingredients: Aloe Vera, high-tech resins to hold the desired shape of your hair throughout the day and remodel your hair.
Foundation: Water-based.
For all lengths and shapes that require a decent hold with medium shine.
Hair type: For all hair types
Fixation: Medium
Finish: Wet on dry hair, medium shine/wet hair, matte, no shine
Scent: Citrus notes.
Volume: 100 ml

Weight: 100 g